Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Great Civilization.....The Greeks!

I'm Greek, well more accurately my grandmother is Greek. And if you know anything about the Greeks know this, they love to eat and if you're not cooking for 14 then what's the point? Therefore my grandma is a sensational cook. The first question commonly out of her mouth upon your visiting is "Are you hungry? Can I make you something?" Love her to pieces! She makes this bread called "Monkey Bread" which is essentially just rolls stacked upon each other and it makes it so that you can just pull the bread apart. But if ever I was in love with something in the form of carbs, I love this bread. And what do you suppose I received for Christmas? A Kitchen Aid mixer (not the one pictured here, this is my grandmother's 40-year-old kitchen aid which was her mother's)! Perfect for making bread and all sorts of marvelous things. Therefore I figured it was about time to learn to make this marvelous bread. So while I was home my sister and cousins and I made an appointment for cooking camp and the soaking of knowledge began. It was an all day process culminating in two loaves of monkey bread, one for Carlee and I and one for Kelsey and Lindsay and my favorite chocolate bundt cake (since I'd just had a birthday) and many Veda-isms that shall live on. A fabulously productive day I'd say.

A little bit more knowledge from the kitchen of Veda....
  • You don't need to cover your bread as it is rising, doesn't make a bit of difference
  • "We'll give it a try and if it works out we'll say great and if it doesn't we'll say 'Well damn that was stupid'"
  • Three things that must be replaced immediately if they ever go out.....the mixer, the TV, and the garage door opener.
Kelsey and Lindsay rolling out their dough, mine is in the oven and smelling absolutely fantastic by now.

Veda and her now bread-baking granddaughters!

Carlee and I rolling out our dough while grandma advises as to the proper technique.

The finished product!

I'm told I'm a lot like my grandmother which suits me just fine. She's a little bit stubborn, a little crazy, and a little obsessive about her hair. She yells at the TV when she's watching sports, especially her favorite team, she keeps an immaculate kitchen while she cooks/bakes, and she may just swear a bit too much. These are things I'm quite certain I inherited from her and I couldn't be happier.