Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Miss Me?

One day my life will be so exciting and wonderful I'll feel overwhelmingly compelled to blog something magnificent every day in order to keep all you wonderful people who read this blog informed about the fabulous things that happen day in and day out.  Today is not that day.  While I love (for the most part) my life and have a grand ol' time I fear I'll never be as faithful in posting about events as I would like, and as I'm sure you would like as well. I try hard not to make promises I can't keep, and that one my dear, is one I can't keep!  However, while I'll never be the faithful blogger, here I sit, 3:30am, a mere three and half hours left of work, and wanting to write.  Write about what?  I haven't the faintest idea.  I have a thousand different thoughts, feelings, and emotions running through my mind and not a clue as to how to sort them all out.  Thoughts of family, friends, and the future.  Thoughts of books, nature, and reality.  Thoughts of escape.  That seems to be the most appealing thought of them all, and sadly the least achievable.  Ever just want to take a break?  From everything?  Step outside of your life and peer back in?  Be completely apart from where you are now?  Sounds quite fantastical and I'm sure completely unoriginal. Regardless, it's what I want.  A book, a drink, a friend.  Somewhere warm, but not unbearably hot. And away, just away.