Sunday, October 31, 2010

Get Some Now

Have you ever beheld the awesomeness that is the Olive Garden's pumpkin cheesecake? It is the best thing you could ever imagine x 100. I don't lie. Find out now.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Full of Love

DENVER.....I love Denver....I love the mountains.....I love the city.....I love the snow! Well, there was not any snow when I was there....but there will be soon! My love of Denver is not what took me there however. What other reason could you possibly have for going to Denver you must be asking yourself. A different kind of love...... I went to Denver to see the love of my life.....this man.....

I went to see him work his magic and make a mockery of that team called the Denver Broncos. This is indeed what he did. I will admit they have struggled this year, but seeing Peyton in action was a treat in itself. It was a fantastic game filled with much anxiety, mostly on my part. But at the end of the day, Peyton again delivered a happy ending :D

This was not the only awesomeness that was to be beheld in the Mile High City. The Denver Art Museum had a special exhibit. It was King Tutankhamun: The Golden King & the Great Pharaohs. It was an exhibit all about King Tut and the Pharaohs of Egypt. It was really spectacular. I loved every minute of it. We saw King Tut's gold sandals! This was my dad's favorite part. I love art museums. I love art.

Once again I must re-iterate...I love Denver...I love Peyton...I love art....this may have to become and ritual.....

Saturday, October 9, 2010

You want it, you got it....

I've been accused of not keeping my faithful readers updated on the marvelous and continuous excitement that is my life. I will at this point attempt to rectify this situation.

School....I'm currently in my second semester well on my way to receiving my BSN. This is taking place through the wonderful academic instution known as BYU-Idaho (insert sarcasm here). They never cease to find ways to frustrate me and thwart my progress to achieving this milestone I have set out for. I fail to see how the Doctrine and Covenants class I took in Provo at Brigham Young University differs from the Doctrine and Covenants class offered at their fine institution. What religion are they teaching! Regardless of these setbacks I should be finished in April 2011. Go Carol!

Work....Work Simply put. My job has lately begun to feel like just that....a job. I'm searched within the depths of my consciousness for an answer as to what has changed, why do I feel so complacent, and why do I not enjoy where am I as I once did? It is not nursing, I love nursing, LOVE nursing. And it's not my co-workers, they are magnificent and I do believe they are 95% of why I am still where I am. I also have a very nice schedule, I work days, I only work 3 days and I often have several days off in a row. So what am I feeling? What am I missing? What am I searching for? I have an idea. I want more, I need for challenge, and not challenge in the sense that I get 5 patients all crying that they are experiencing the worse pain they've ever felt throughout the course of their 30+ years, yet the woman down the hall who gave birth to 12 children and now has a fractured vertebrae insists she is comfortable. No, not that kind of challenging. Challenging on my intellect, not my patience. So the search continues......

Social....well my social life consists of three sister...and those I meed when I go to the grocery store. Quite intriguing I know. This paragraph is is the list of my social companions....

Travel....I have taken a few trips lately. Both to Colorado. The first was to the Grand Junction area to see family. I enjoyed some relaxing time spent with my quiet and reclusive grandparents whom I adore, my younger brother and my nephew who I do not see near enough of. The other was to Denver for a magnificent display of athletic competition. This adventure deserves it's own post and will come shortly, I cross my heart.

To my it is in all it's glory. News and excitement worthy of people magazine or least it's better than Jersey Shore right ;)