Monday, August 19, 2013

Paradise, thy name is Thailand.

The last couple of days have been magnificent in here in Thailand.  We're in the southern part of Thailand called Krabi.  On Saturday we took a boat tour of some of the islands. The sun, the sand, the beautiful blue-green water, it truly is picturesque, and my pictures in no way do it justice. And words, well words just are not sufficient to be able to describe it.  We did a little bit of snorkeling, a little bit of exploring, and a whole lot of soaking up the magnificent sun.  I've never actually done any serious snorkeling, nor have I been anywhere where the snorkeling  is considered good.  And while we may not have been in any prime spots, it was very much amazing.  The colors are so bright! I never knew the colors contained within my crayon box could become so alive. I woke up the next morning with a fist-sized bruise on my left shin.  I honestly have no idea what happened, but I'm maintaining that a fish punched me in the leg.

One of the many views from the boat
 Sunday we took things easy.  Jordan had several assignments he needed to finish for school so we slept in a bit and I watched a movie or two while he worked on school.  We went and had lunch, another food success.  Sweet and sour chicken this time.  And then I went and had a Thai hot oil massage.  It was very good.  I could have used a bit more pressure but I didn't want to press my luck.  At first, I'll be honest, I was just a bit uncomfortable.  Let's just say that with these massages you aren't as covered up as you are with a traditional massage you may get in the states. And then some tiny Thai lady is crawling all over you twisting things this way and that, massaging here and there.  After the initial shock of it all, I ended up liking it quite a lot.  And where an hour massage in the states will run you somewhere between $50-$70, I paid less than $10, so can't really complain much!

Today has been my favorite day so far.  Today we went kayaking/canoeing.  It wasn't really a kayak and it wasn't really a canoe, it was hybrid of the two.  But the same concept of both.  We maneuvered through a mangrove forrest into a small and peaceful lagoon.  We saw small caves and beautiful greenery. I was attacked by a monkey.  I'm 0 for 2 with the animal life in this country. People have been feeding these monkeys for years and now they expect it and just come and take things.  We had a plastic bag with out water in it, which just happened to be in between my feet in the boat.  One of the monkeys scrambled down and tree, jumped in, tossed aside Jordan's snorkeling gear and took it.  I may have had screamed a bit, okay a lot....  We're both lucky I didn't flip our little boat!  The whole journey took about 2 1/2 hours.  It was beautiful.  I'd do it all over again in a heartbeat. The views and the peacefulness was simply breathtaking.  I wanted to just stay and float for hours. Soaking up the sun.  Listening to the water ripple and the wind rustle the trees.

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