Monday, September 9, 2013

The People

I have to post a little about the people I’ve met in Thailand.  They’re quite incredible.  And I’m sure if you search hard enough, you can find amazing people in any country, any city, anywhere you go.  But I’ve had the distinct privilege of taking part in this culture and meeting people who live here.  This is one of my favorite things about traveling, experiencing the culture.  I think it’s why I didn’t love India, but more on that later.  This is happy post! 

It’s very refreshing to meet people who are genuine, who are excited to meet you, and want to help you with no ulterior motive in mind. I feel like the world has become an incredibly selfish place. Filled with people looking out for themselves, always trying to get ahead. This of course, is the view a forever pessimist.  Yes yes, I’m a bit jaded, and it could be said I expect the worse of people. Filled with people looking out for themselves, always trying to get ahead.  So when I have those experiences where people completely surprise me, it’s refreshing.  It’s good for a girl like me, reminds me to think, and even expect, more of people.

Well then. Let’s start with Kalasin.  I’ve already posted about our time here; the area Jordan served in.  These people were so welcoming.  They were incredibly nice. They were excited to see him, and simply by association, excited to see me. They were always joking and laughing and wanting to spend time with us. They cooked us dinner, took us out to dinner, made sure we had dinner.
Night we played games, bus stop.

The Sunday that we spent in Bangkok and went to church with a friend of Jordan’s I met a woman.  I honestly couldn’t tell you her name, but she has my email so we’ll see if I hear from her! She spoke very good English so I was actually able to talk to her.  It was nice. I don’t remember what spawned the conversation but she starting messing with her wig.  Of course I didn’t say anything that would be rude!  But she mentioned that she had had cancer.  Well I’m not leaving that one alone!  I asked her what kind and how long ago.  She had breast cancer a year ago and had undergone chemotherapy, radiation and surgery to remove her right breast. I told her that I worked with children who had cancer, that I was a nurse.  Well I could do no wrong after that; I was a saint.  She proceeded to tell me that she had gone to the doctor the previous month and they’d found a lump in her left breast.  She was meeting with doctors that coming week.  She said she was scared.  She grabbed my hand and literally did not let go until we left.  She asked for my email and asked if it were okay for her to contact me.  Sure, I said.  I don’t know how much help I could be, but gladly. My heart went out to her. I don’t know if she had any family, I don’t know what her support system was like, other than she is a member of the LDS church. She was a pleasure to talk to though, positive and friendly.  Called me beautiful every chance she got (who doesn’t love that!).  She was adorable.

Last but very certainly not least was a woman we met when we were in the south on the island of Koh Mook.  She ran the restaurant that we found that we loved.  We ate there 3 or 4 times, I can’t remember.  It may have been because it was the “off season” and we were the only people frequenting her little place.  May have been that were new faces to see and new stories to hear, but she was so sweet to us.  Every time we ate there she gave us tons of free treats and spoiled us.  She made these yummy little fried coconut patties.  They were tasty. She always gave us lemongrass tea after dinner too. Our last night there was the night that we had spent all day boating and snorkeling and swimming and were all sun burned.  This lovely little woman went to her herb garden and cut fresh aloe vera and gave to us!  She even rubbed it on my neck and shoulders for me, and my nose, my nose ALWAYS gets burnt, it doesn’t matter what I do. She was just incredibly sweet and loved to talk to us and have us come see her.  She was such a delight.

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